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What is Overedit ?

OVEREDIT What is it ?

Overedit  is a text editor. It is only a powerful PureC-Shell. Highlighting, popup menu, interactive functions
and many over features are include in the version 1.24. An english RSC file is available. Try it ...

Thanks to Rafal Kawecki  for his tests and his pages. (kawecki.atari.org).






File Version Date Size Comments
OVER124.ZIP 1.24 00/04/29 174275 bytes -Dependencies checking more faster
-undo/redo function (only in insert mode)
- max. warning an max. errors options inversion fixed
- 'replace-all' bug fixed
- cursor in TRUE-COLOR bug fixed
 OVER122.ZIP 1.22 00/01/04 171031 bytes -Management of a windows list
-Checking of dependencies can be enabled
-Recent projects can be opened in the Project Manager (right click)
-Header files can be opened in the Project Manager (left click)
-Compilation options can be specified by module
-Parameter back-up path problem fixed
 -Better management of mistake messages
-Long argument management
-Possibility to put blocks in commentary
 OVEREDIT.HYP 1.0 99/11/11 14365 bytes The English HYP file for OVEREDIT 1.20b. This file has been translated from french  by using a translator. So ....
 OVER120b.ZIP 1.20b 99/09/24 146815 bytes Nothing to see with the 1.16